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Our certified PDR technicians serve South Carolina with paintless dent repairs for large and small dents. Call or text
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At Nomadic Paintless Dent Repair, we specialize in extreme PDR, which is the removal of larger dents and creases. This type of damage may occur due of a minor car accident or when something large impacts the exterior, such as a deer collision. These dents can be characterized by a large size, irregular shape, multi-points, and other significant features.

Serving all of Northern SC, we will come to you to complete all repairs for your convenience. If you have an extreme dent in your vehicle, contact our experienced technicians today. We may be able to restore your car or truck with paintless dent removal services that will save you time AND money!

  • Larger Dents
  • Deer Strike Damage
  • Damage that you would think you need to take to a body shop, might be able to be fixed without compromising your factory finish paint!

Extreme Dent Damage


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